Management Team och Senior Advisors

First Ventures investerarteam ansvarar för att utveckla de befintliga portföljbolagen och har även till uppgift att identifiera nya affärsmöjligheter. Utöver detta finns även ett nätverk av samarbetspartners som aktivt deltar eller har deltagit i utvecklingen av portföljbolagen såsom entreprenörer, externa styrelseledamöter, ägare, chefspersoner och andra finansiärer.  

Rune Nordlander, Partner

Rune is the Chairman of the Board in the clean energy company Zigrid, Sprint Bioscience and the deeptech company Speedment. He is also Board member in the industrial IoT company CombiQ and the Virtual reality and Edtech company Virtual eTraining. Before this, he spent 18 years in various positions in the IT and professional services markets, both as an entrepreneur and executive manager. Prior to this, he gained 9 years’ experience in advanced research and development at ABB. In 1986, he joined the IT consultancy company Frontec as subsidiary CEO, and before that he held different management positions in Sales and Marketing. He was involved in the transformation of Frontec (currently Acando) from a small local business to a major listed IT company. He then founded Endevo AB (currently Symbio) in 1996, and as the CEO was responsible for overseeing its growth from start-up to a fast-growing modern IT-consultancy company.

Rune has also been active, as founder and business angel, in starting a number of companies in various sectors such as IT, Medtech and Cleantech. He has also been advisor for VC-investment in Procuritas Investment Partners, and its owner.
Rune Nordlander

Peter Werme, Partner

Peter has been an active investor and Board member in several portfolio companies including Sustaintech during the last ten years. Peter is the Chairman of the Board in one of the leading Food tech companies in sugar reduction in Europe, Bayn Europe. He is also Chairman of the Board in the cloudtech company Kiliaro. His previous experience was in investment management.

He was part of the team that started ABB Investment Management, where he was actively responsible for Swedish assets of around 3-10 Billion SEK for a period of 10 years. During this time, Peter managed Swedish and European stocks, in both small and large cap companies. He was also one of the founders and managers of both SEB’s and Handelsbanken’s hedge funds. For two years, Peter also held responsibility for Swedish equity management at Länsförsäkringar. Peter outperformed relevant indices by more than 750 percent in total during the period 1989-2003. The overall compounded performance of his funds under management in listed companies is +1.365%, compared with the benchmark of +589%.
Peter Werme